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An extensive international network, with 9 foreign subsidiaries and 73 countries reached


The full production range can be processed with the following grades:
Virgin PTFE (standard and modified)
Filled PTFE (standard compounds)
High Performance PTFE based compounds (compounds developed for special applications)

Moreover sheets, skived sheets, tubes and rods can be, upon request, processed by the chemical etching technology of Guarniflon®, allowing the PTFE to be bonded to surfaces of various materials.
PTFE Tubes and Rods
An extensive range of sizes are available to satisfy customers’ requirements for both molded and extruded products. In addition to virgin PTFE tubes and rods, standard or special...
PTFE Sheets
Technologies available at Guarniflon® provide options among a wide range of molded or skived sheets, in virgin PTFE as well as compounded PTFE...
High Performance Films & Tapes
High Performance Films from Guarniflon are skived and melt extruded fluoropolymer films engineered by Guarniflon Spa R&D Department to allow the customers to select the right film for their application requirements...
Bearing Tapes
For the heaviest applications in the hydraulic field, motion control and mechanical field, Guarniflon® developed a new family of products, made by special PTFE compounds and devoted technologies...
Sheet and discs for structural bearings application

Virgin PTFE or compounded PTFE dimpled sheets. Thanks to the special surface, the above dimpled sheets are generally used in the engineering and construction field...
Machined Products
A wide range of machined products are processed on CNC machines / automatic lathes. To ensure high and stable quality standards, Guarniflon® is running the electronic system S.P.C...
SC Serie
The solutions to problems of sealing Developed by Guarniflon® R&D team, SC series is a superior and unique material for gasket (flat Sealing) applications...
Etching Technology
The etching process consists in a chemical surface treatment on virgin or filled PTFE. It allows PTFE to be glued on to surfaces of various materials, such as rubber, metal, plastics, etc...
Tenfil is a solvent – free paste, in a watery leakage, to be pre-applied on the threads for a better sealing. It’s available for 3 specific applications (water-gas-air) and supplied in special small containers...
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Guarniflon® offers a wide range of PTFE products.
31 May 2024
ASC – Advanced Screening Centers – is the successful project started years ago by Mr. Giuseppe Mazza (Guarniflon foun...