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Miércoles, 27 Septiembre 2023 08:23

Guarniflon at PERUMIN Mining Fair from September 25 to 29, will be held in Arequipa with our local partners.

PERUMIN fair is the largest Mining Convention in Peru, organized by the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru and one of the most relevant in the world. GUARNIFLON aims to further strengthen ties with companies in the South American mining sector, providing technical and innovative solutions to improve processes.

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Lunes, 10 Julio 2023 08:44

Guarniflon PATI Division leading an ETFE meeting in Xi’an City

Mr. Massimo Marcato, ETFE expert from Guarniflon PATI Division, delivered a presentation in Xi'an, P.R. of China, on the production, features and benefits of ETFE films and membranes for architectural applications.

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